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Nov. 13th

Nov. 13th

12:06 am, full moon, sunny and warm, 60’s, and chilly at night, 40’s

The moon will be at it’s fullest just before sunrise on this night. Closer to earth than it has been since 1948, almost 70 years ago, when I stepped out to look for it a few hours ago, it startled me as I turned to the eastern horizon, it was that bright. Orion was there too, and the seven sisters, flickering in vividly clear sky, and more visible than usual in the city haze of light pollution. I remember other nights, under clearer and darker skies, spent outside, watching the skymap turn slowly overhead, watching the full moon track across the sky like a beacon, bright as a lighthouse calling all the ships home.

Here we can see only a few stars, the brightest and closest, and they are familiar as old friends. Standing on the front step, chilly with no coat staring at the sky it feels like I could be anywhere, city or forest, mountain, desert, or sea.

Yesterday we had a fire in the backyard just before dusk, in the steel fire pit we found a few months ago on trash night, and I was struck by the same feeling. That we could have been anywhere, at any point in time. We listened to the birds calling their goodnights, and watched the sun slip down into the cement canyons of the city streets and the world felt wild and abandoned, like we were the last holdouts in a city that was long ago reduced to rubble. The salvaged fire pit worked perfectly, holding our small fire made of Wil’s scrap wood in its welcoming arms, and the three of us sat around watching the flames and talking until Rev got chilly and we moved inside.

We saw this beautiful kingfisher (Megaceryle alcyon) earlier in the week at a local pond. While we watched, he scooped a minnow out of the water and flew up to a low hanging willow branch where he proceeded to pound the fish against the branch until it was dead, and then he ate it! by natasha20170302_121738