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November 22nd

November 22nd

It’s finally, actually, cold here, which feels kind of remarkable after such a hot, and long, summer and fall. The cold blew in all at once on Saturday night accompanied by ominous dark clouds, ferocious winds, and a wild letdown of sleet, and it has stayed cold and windy since then. I have the baby today, and miraculously she and Rev are both napping at the same time, and I am creeping around trying to make the opposite of noise but am mostly just banging into things.

We made hand turkeys the other day and today Rev helped me cut them out and tape them to the front door and window, along with some leaves we had pressed and dried a few weeks ago, during the height of the colors. Now, they’re brittle, but still beautiful, and Rev could pick out the oak and maple from the others and which made both of us so proud.

And now they’re up already, with pink cheeks and rumpled hair and we’re all downstairs eating lunch and the house feels like a hug.

a page from my sketchbook by natasha