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December 18th

December 18th noonish

Cloudy, rained heavily earlier

The sun seems to be swallowed and we’re stuck in a gray phase. Feeling hungry for bright, warm sun, but this warmish drizzle and dark sky will have to suffice. It did snow a little tiny bit yesterday, which delighted Rev to no end. Winter is clearly his favorite season and he can play with snow and ice for hours, crunching around in his little boots and cracking up the ice that covers our small puddles and the sides of the creeks. His favorite treat right now is taking a walk to get hot chocolate from the neighborhood coffee shop, so we did that yesterday morning in the snow, and today in the rain, and both times it seemed to be the greatest adventure, even though it’s just a short trip around the block.

Wil teaches ecology  and wilderness survival classes at a property just across the Susquehanna on the york side. Awhile back, a hunter set up a trail cam along one of the little forested patches that criss crosses through the property. A few mornings ago Wil woke me up with an email from a friend, asking if he thought one of the photos captured showed a gray fox. Half asleep, I glanced at the picture and sure enough it was a coyote!

We know they’re here in the area- there have been a few sightings and some sign found, and our highly developed area offers a large array of edges between urban, farm, and wild habitats that the Eastern coyote tends to love. But to see a photo of one hanging out in the same place wil teaches? That feels like a gift of the highest degree. In a landscape that often feels maddeningly neutered, proof of a wild canine roaming these lands kindles a spark in me that sometimes I fear may already have gone out.

a page from my nature journal. Can you tell I’m in love with color? by Natasha