November 27th

November 27th

Chilly, windy, waning crescent moon 3% visible


Our oldest friends and their little daughters were visiting from out of town today, and I spent the afternoon with them delighting in our children playing together and loving each other as much as we always have. The kids climbed on the playground and collected locust seed pods for some kind of game. I smothered their baby with a million kisses and poured my heart out into the sunshine and their listening ears. We ate chinese food and then hugged and kissed goodbye, and I thought about how fragile it all is, these webs we weave with other people and the connections between us all, and how miraculous it is that there is such a thing as having people in your life who love you more than you could ever love yourself.


Later in the car Rev and I sang with the radio and he asked me if it was a human singing the song we were listening to. I said “yes, I would imagine so, but what were you thinking it could be instead?” And he said, “a clam.” And I asked, “why, a clam?” and he said, “because that song really snapped shut at the end.” And I about died laughing the rest of the way home and spotted venus in the sky between the streetlamps and thought about how fucking lucky I am.


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