December 4th

December 4th 8:26pm

50’s, damp, partially cloudy, moon, waxing crescent, 24%

We got our christmas tree today. It’s the first year we picked a real, large tree from a lot, and Rev was so excited. In past years we’ve used our potted norfolk pine, which we still have growing happily in our western facing window, but this year it felt like time to try a live tree, although, I have to say I wish we could have gotten one actually living to plant in the spring, but those are more expensive and out of the budget. Truly, I’ve always wished there was a way to have large trees happily growing inside year-round, and now Rev shares my wish.

Anyhow, what did we discover as we jostled the small spruce into its tree stand, but an eastern swallowtail chrysalis (Papilio glaucus) hanging from one of the lower branches. We weren’t sure who was in the little pod at first, but we pointed it out to Rev and then went about our business. A few hours later, while he was zipping around the living room, climbing all over the sofa and jumping on the chairs, he suddenly proclaimed, “That’s not just any egg! It’s a chrysalis!!” to which Wil and I just about fell over with surprise and delight. So we looked it up and it turned out to be the Swallowtail Chrysalis. We’ll have to move it outside to prevent it from hatching, and I’ll be excited to watch it come spring to see if it will still hatch out.


eastern swallowtail chrysalis (Papilio glaucus). by natasha


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